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Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Why do we remove them?

Pain from erupting wisdom teeth may be more than you expected. Young adults frequently face a common problem: constant pain from erupting wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth extractions are best performed on young adults -– under 24 years old –- because their bones have not yet become rigid. This makes it easy to remove the wisdom teeth from their jaws, and means it isn’t usually necessary for them to undergo the procedure in a general anesthetic facility. At Urban Oasis Dental, we recommend dealing with wisdom teeth before they become a problem. Most wisdom teeth can be easily removed under local anesthetic in the dental chair

Wisdom Teeth Extraction
What does it mean to have an "Impacted" wisdom-tooth?

The truth is, it's not always necessary for every person to get their wisdom teeth removed... if they are correctly positioned. However, when a person's wisdom teeth are growing in an opposing direction and start to cause crowding of the teeth, your wisdom teeth are then considered as impacted.  If left untreated by your dentist, complications such as discomfort and severe pain can arise. This is why it is highly recommended that you have your wisdom teeth checked by your dentist sooner than later. This is typically done through Panoramic X-ray (as shown in top right corner of this page). Based on the image received, we can then proceed to provide you with treatment that will best cater to your dental needs/condition. 

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Wisdom Teeth Extraction 2
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